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Hey everybody

Why not adding a knowledge base to stack overflow (besides questions). Lets say I figured out something really cool and interesting and I want to share it, so if people will search for something similar they will be able to find it quite easily.

So if I had a knowledge base i could add it there, and people could comment and ask questions about it.

What do you think ???

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This is definitely outside the scope of a Q&A site.

Under certain circumstances however, your knowledge may be suitable as a self-answered question. See this question for details: Posting and answering questions you have already found the answer to

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That is what the tag wiki's are for, albeit that they aren't that obvious but they are there, just hover over the tag and hit 'info' :)

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I'm pretty sure tag wikis aren't for that at all. See the blog post about them – Michael Mrozek Mar 7 '11 at 16:19

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