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I find it annoying that expanding a post on /review removes the flag link, forcing me to click through to the post in order to flag it. As a result, I usually ignore questions for which it's not clear from the extract.

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You shouldn't need to click through to the post.

When you show full answer, the link | edit | flag links should show up.

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Gar, how could I be that blind. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. – marcog Mar 8 '11 at 20:06

You're doing it wrong!

/review isn't designed as a one-stop shop for flag submission. The "flag for attention" links are just a convenience for the blatant "HI I HAS PRBLM 2.any anser yet ne1???" posts.

Even if a post seems kinda flaggable from /review, you should always click through to see it in context. There are a lot of posts that contain non-obvious embedded links and/or that only appear valid after you see the questions they're attached to. One common one is "this is the right answer," which looks like a comment incorrectly posted as an answer at first, but is actually a link to a page that does answer the question.

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I'm not blatantly flagging like that. An example of where it's not clear from the snippet, but is clear from the expanded post without context is when a user gives a long blurb about his experiences of the same (or related) problem and then asking for help with zero useful input. Example: stackoverflow.com/questions/5229134/… – marcog Mar 8 '11 at 20:14

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