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Seems like a small bug, or if it's by design I'm afraid I miss something. When I answer my own question (happens) and then accept it (happens as well) then I see it appearing twice in my reputation history. Whereas when I accept someone else's answer, it just appears once, as expected.

As an example, see my history on SO of March 10, 2010, a day I cleaned up three questions and they oddly appeared twice in the list.

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This is by design. (:

Remember that when you're not self-accepting, 2 rep gains are handed out:

  • +2 to you for accepting an answer
  • +15 to the answerer

So, that's what each instance in your rep history represents. It is just a little funky since you don't get any rep for the self-accept.

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Ah, I was trying to think of some logic twist behind this behavior, this makes perfect sense (however odd it may look in the history, esp. considering both have zero rep). – Abel Mar 10 '11 at 22:42

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