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I noticed an ongoing discussion on what's more valuable for the community: Questions or Answers?

Clearly the reputation system values answers more. Also the current discussion about "cap reputation gained from questions" goes in that direction.

Shouldn't the user profile reflect this by changing the order of the sections so that answers are displayed before the questions?

  1. User Info
  2. Answers
  3. Questions
  4. Votes
  5. Tags
  6. Badges

I would also believe, that 0 Answers as first headline after the user info (and that's on most screens what you see without scrolling) would be encouraging at least some users to answer a couple of questions just to get rid of this big fat zero answers below their reputation.

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Here's a link to my deleted answer where Nick Craver commented that the proposed tab order would be implemented (10k only): – Kevin Vermeer Nov 29 '11 at 17:49
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With the recent changes to the user profile page this feature is now implemented:

  • If a user has more answers than questions the answers section will appear before the questions section in the summary tab
  • The tab order itself is always "summary, answers, questions" and will not be effected

enter image description here

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I would be more happy with this, but other than that, great idea!

  1. User Info *
  2. Answers
  3. Questions
  4. Tags
  5. Votes
  6. Badges

Better if they start collapsed and get retrieved via AJAX only when opened (bandwidth conscious)

* would be great if we could include a badge summary at point 1

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I would rather have "intelligent" algorithm, for example if user has more Answers than Questions then show this section first.

This will give the more relevant information first - for someone who asked only 5 questions but answered 1000 the answers are more relevant but someone who asked 1000 and answered only 5? Probably the answers are less relevant.

Regarding 0 Answers, maybe it's worth adding some color somewhere same way the Accept Rate is being colored.

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+1 What is SO if its not a big worked example of machine learning – amelvin Mar 14 '11 at 11:52
This doesn't really address the problem. On my profile it would show answers first because I already answer far more questions than I ask. The point is to encourage those who ask more than they answer to "give something back". Showing that they have 0 (or < 10) answers before showing their 100+ questions might do this. – ChrisF Mar 14 '11 at 12:13
No, having this inconsistent behaviour doesn't sound like a good idea. I want to know in advance where I'm going to find certain information on a page. – Hendrik Vogt Mar 14 '11 at 13:44

Perhaps the members page could become more of a igoogle-like SE portal, where users can position (or hide) a series of page building blocks (throw in reputation graph, cross-se-stats, comments etc). Let people choose what they want to see.

I think that a portal approach will be more and more relevant as more questions are moved about in the SE community and more people start to open programmers, webmasters etc accounts as a result.

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Oh no, please not. What I like very much on stackexchange is consistent layout. – Hendrik Vogt Mar 14 '11 at 13:45

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