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I'm trying to decide how heavily to police something...

I've been alerted to a number of flazx links on stackoverflow that link to rapidshare downloads of copyright material (i.e. e-books).

Since the content is copyright, my instinct is that these rapidshare links are simply illegal.

The easy option is to manually replace flazx links with amazon; but: how heavily would you enforce this? (I'm trying to think how to respond to such links (especially the direct rapidshare/etc ones)... edit? removal? punitive?)

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did you get the flag I sent you about this?… Someone did that for another link; I removed the link. I'd say remove the revisions that even links those? – George Stocker Jul 23 '09 at 14:55
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I like the idea of replacing them with Amazon links, personally.

And if it's copyrighted material it is certainly illegal and we have historically removed links like that in the past.

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I'd certainly wouldn't change it to links to Amazon but just to the name of the material. But yes, I would edit it.

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Perhaps the publishers own page? But everyone understands what Amazon is, at least... – Marc Gravell Jul 23 '09 at 9:51

Good question.

I'd go with editing + light reprimand via comment (backed up by some quote from the SO 'rules')

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There are countries were downloading copyrighted materials is not illegal, only making it available. Shocking, but true. The reasoning goes: you cannot be expected to know whether a content made available to you is copyrighted. Therefore I would comment on the questions, as I proposed here.

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