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Downvoting requires you to have a certain amount of rep which is completely reasonable but downvoting after you mistakenly upvoted a question or an answer should not require you to have some rep. I don't see any point. If you upvote an answer or a question, you should be able to downvote it too, maybe not after ages but within a reasonable period of time. Maybe after you upvoted, the question/answer was edited and sounded wrong to you. So, you decided to change your vote. It should be a ok.

To Err is Programmers.

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You don't downvote to reverse an upvote, you simply click on the upvote arrow again.

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Down-voting always requires you to have a minimum of 100 rep... But I think you can 'undo' an up-vote (by clicking on the up-vote arrow again in stead of clicking on the down-vote arrow) with less rep.

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Allowing people to undo a vote by clicking the opposite vote seems like an OK idea. It does not have to replace the current behavior. Both might make StackExchange a tiny bit more users friendly.

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I know this is an old answer, but an idea would be allow the user to choose (in preferences) what happens when downvoting an alread-upvoted post. – usandfriends Mar 2 at 6:15

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