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Stack Overflow is the only site, which I access and get greetings: "Welcome %username%".

I didn't access OpenID account before visiting Stack Overflow and do not store any cookies, history or whatever - it is all wiped out after closing the browser (Opera btw). How is done, actually?

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it is all wiped out after closing the browser (Opera btw)

Not really, see following screen shot on opera setting.

enter image description here

There is only "new cookies delete" option when exiting opera (only new, old cookies will remain)

Try with "Delete Private Data..." option, and make sure you selected following

enter image description here

and try again opening after that.

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That helped, thanks:). Nevertheless, how did Stackoverflow cookies were stored, if new ones always supposed to be deleted? Those privacy settings I use from the very beginning. – 87element Mar 19 '11 at 12:08
@87element, 1) stackoverflow have own cookie other than openid's cookie, and 2) can automatically sync logins within various stackoverflow family sites. I am not sure what is your real issue though, but it looks like you have some cookies remain in your browser. – YOU Mar 19 '11 at 12:12

I ran into the same issue in Safari, caused by the Stack Exchange global network auto-login using HTML5 local storage. Safari does not show that, but also does not allow me to delete it.

Browsing to and pasting the following into the location bar, shows it:


In Google Chrome "Delete cookies and other site data" also clears local storage. In Firefox, it's deleted whenever cookies are deleted. In Safari (on a Mac): no luck, other than deleting directly from the file system (~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage on my Mac, which incidentially shows all domains that use local storage one has ever visited, including those not using local storage at all, even when using private browsing).

(See also How to clear all HTML5 local storage from Safari? on Super User, Global Network Auto-Login on the blog, and Kevin's detailed explanation in How does SO's new auto-login feature work? here on Meta.)

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You are a registered user - - so you must have an OpenID account (or equivalent) that you used when you first logged in.

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