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My inbox displays nothing:

enter image description here

There was a notification badge telling that I had 2 items to read, so it looks like a bug.

Looking at the XHR tab of the web inspector, I could learn that /inbox/genuwine returned [] (an empty JSON array, presumably) to my browser, so the issue seems to be somewhere server-side.

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@KevinMontrose I have this same bug that just started ~1 hour ago. Is there something else that has bugged out? – Patrick Mar 23 '11 at 18:50
I also have this problem. My inbox is empty, even if there are new updates. – trusktr Jun 27 '11 at 1:57

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This should be fixed now.

Related to the server outage mentioned here.

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A new response just showed up (so that part of the problem is working now), but it doesn't list anything that happened before that. Will earlier entries return? – Dori Mar 20 '11 at 9:31
This is not fixed for me. Inbox is always blank. – trusktr Jun 27 '11 at 1:57

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