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I noticed somewhere last week that the envelope icon next to my user name had been replaced with a menu showing my 'recent' updates.

Well, this is a welcome improvement considering it shows me how many rep points, revisions and changes to my favourite questions I've obtained for the day, week and month.

Stack Overflow earlier
Stack Overflow Earlier

Stack Overflow now
Stack Overflow Now

While this is a good initiative, I really would like a link to the users/recent page so I can access it quickly instead of having to enter the url myself. I am also sure there are many out there who found the Recent Activity page quite useful despite some people complaining about it.

I did a search and realised that a post on on a similar topic had been removed but I found it in Google's cache.

I also found this answer to the question Recent feature changes to stack exchange which stated:

  • 2011-03-11: The envelope in the header next your display name linking to recent activity has been changed into a dropdown menu that opens a popup overlay with information and links. This feature is still being refined.

If the feature is still being refined, I think we can still have the best of both worlds by placing a link to the user's recent page on the new menu like in the picture below. The envelope icon may be removed if necessary but I strongly believe that the link should remain.

My Proposal
My Proposed Layout

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I would not get too attached to /users/recent as it will be disappearing forever in the next week or so:

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If you just click on it instead of hovering, you still go to the recent activity page. Also, notice that word activity at the top? It's a link.

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I see the activity link but it sends the user to the activity page which contains everything you've ever done on stackoverflow! The Recent Activity page showed only your recent activity. This is the difference: Your Activity Page Your Recent Activity Page. – Alex Essilfie Mar 20 '11 at 17:40

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