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I find it annoying that:

  • You must wait at least 2 days to add a bounty to a question
  • When you finally are able to add the bounty, the page with questions that feature a bounty are ordered by date (some date, they do not change maybe it's date of bounty; I don't know).

Couldnt at least half the page (http://stackoverflow.com/questions?sort=featured) be randomly ordered?

As it is now, I had approx. 70 views when the question was new. Still, after offering a bounty there are no new views. Okay, it might not be an interesting question or people don't really care about bounties (can't say I do really), but I wouldn't have found the question myself if it wasn't for the user page.

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The order is time until bounty expires. As the days will pass, the question will move upwards in the Featured Questions tab. Sounds fair enough to me. –  Shadow Wizard Sep 12 at 20:22

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