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Here by highlighting, I mean this. Is there any keyboard shortcut for this. I didn't find any info about this anywhere. I know I can do this by placing them inside two sqiggle. A shortcut would be helpful.

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You can see the keyboard shortcuts in the tooltips in the editor: just hover with the mouse over the tool, and knowledge will come your way ;-) – Fredrik Mörk Mar 22 '11 at 11:45
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You can use the Ctrl + K shortcut to get either code blocks or code spans.

When you select a portion of a single line of text, Ctrl + K surrounds the selected text with backticks to give you this (A code span).

When you select an entire line of text or across multiple lines of text, Ctrl + K indents each selected line(s) by four spaces to give you


(A code block).

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