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I recently tried to answer a post by including a link to Wolfram Alpha, and the link contained various mathematical characters. I posted it and noticed that, when clicked, something was not formatted correctly and it took me to a different page in Wolfram Alpha. Is there a problem with certain characters in hyperlinks?

I'm not sure if this will come out correctly, but I tried this:^2+%2B+%28y-6%29^2+subject+to+12+%3E%3D+x+%2B+y%2C+x+%3E%3D+6%2C+y%3E%3D+0+

and got this:,y%29+=+%28x-4%29%5E2+++%28y-6%29%5E2+subject+to+12+%3E=+x+++y,+x+%3E=+6,+y%3E=+0+

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Yes, we were indeed not handling plus signs in the URLs correctly (these have different semantics depending on where they appear in a URL). This will be fixed in the next build.

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I verified that^2+%2B+%28y-6%29^2+subject+to+12+%3E%3D+x+%2B+y%2C+x+%3E%3D+6%2C+y%3E%3D+0+

is a valid link in my browser.

I pressed ctrl+L to enter a link, then pasted it in and got

the following link

Which does produce different results, as you noted. We'll take a look at it.

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