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Wouldn't it be benificial to immediately update the accept rate of a user when he asks a question? This allows him to first accept answers to improve his accept rate, and then ask a question, showing the latest accept rate.

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How about another approach? The way we do this now, there's no reason we can't recalculate your rate when you accept or unaccept an answer, immediately. In the next build, this will start happening.

A bit further explanation:

When it comes to accept rate, asking a question has no immediate effect, since questions must meet a few criteria to be considered:

  • At least one answer
  • At least 3 days old
  • Not closed
  • Not deleted
  • Not community wiki

The second one is huge here because a new question (unless asking rapidly, before the job runs daily) has no effect on your accept rate, not for 3 days (so it has time to get some answers).

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Haha, I wasn't thinking straight, just was posting questions and was sad to see I had a low accept rate. :) Ofcourse, that's a much better solution. – Steven Jeuris Mar 24 '11 at 13:25

Accepting several answers in a short period should also trigger an update.

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