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I have been checking each of the Node.JS questions with the node tag and removing the node tag where it makes sense (almost every time)

I have been using this search:

There are about 56 that match that search and about 460 total uses of the node tag. I would like to have the node tag to be deleted so it does not get used with node.js and therefore diluted. There is a tag xmlnode for the XML cases.

Could somebody help me with moving off the node tag so I don't have to retag 400 questions?

If you think I am on the wrong track then please let me know.

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It's finally removed. See Jeff's answer:… – MPelletier Sep 1 '11 at 4:54

In light of the recent synonymization of node and node.js, burnination should be operated quickly.

At this time, there are 565 questions tagged with . These breakdown to:

And others, but those are the main associations.

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