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I am not sure if I was looking at it properly, but as of writing this, post count is: 1,464,644. I think I may have seen a larger figure few days back, something like, 15.....

I know that posts get closed, but there is always a reference to those and we can view them. Is there some kind of mechanisms that completely removes incorrect posts and hence a decrease in post count.

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Certain posts which are poorly framed, and/or offtopic tend to be deleted by Moderators and/or High-rep users. In addition, there are couple of background processes which delete old posts meeting certain criteria:

  • less than (question age in days * 1.5) views
  • 0 score or lower
  • no answers
  • 1 comment or less
  • asked more than 365 days ago

In addition unanswered, negatively voted questions with zero answers are also deleted after 30 days.

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