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I'm trying to increase my reputation score, but I only encounter questions that others ask when I'm searching for similar subjects. Obviously, if I knew the answer I wouldn't be searching for one. So, if I want to increase my reputation I need to get notified of questions asked in the subjects I know about. Is there any way to do this?

I've probably posted this question in the wrong forum or section, so feel free to scold me if I am stupid (more like lazy).

Thanks for your help. BTW...How did you come across this question?

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The obvious way, mouse over a tag and click on subscribe or RSS --

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You can subscribe to different tags (look up in the page). That's a good start.

BTW, I saw it as one of the "recent questions"

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Update: do you see the number next to your question? Those are upvotes also. Asking good questions is another way to increase the rep :) – Aleadam Apr 1 '11 at 15:34

If you use Chrome (and there's no doubt similar options for other browser), then New Q! is a great extension which notifies you of new questions based on tags...

New Q! - Google Chrome Extension notifies you of new questions of interest

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Use your "Favourites" (the star under the vote panel).

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