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I've made 50+ edits on SO, and I always have to wait for my edits to be peer-reviewed because my reputation (672) isn't high enough yet.

Shouldn't we give edit privileges based on the number of "trustworthy edits" made, in addition to the reputation privilege? It'd be more efficient, since the "peer-reviewers" won't have look at my edits every time I submit them.

But to determine whether a user is ready for this privilege, they should have greater than xx edits with >95% "trustworthiness".

Also, this doesn't mean that the low-rep trustworthy editor can do whatever he or she wants - it's just that their "review-priority" is lowered, and their edits are immediately submitted.

Abuse of this privilege will eventually lower their "trustworthiness", and it'll automatically be revoked.

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see also: bypassing the review queue for avid editors –  gnat Feb 28 at 16:23

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You get reputation for the good edits you make and that will eventually give you edit privileges. I don't see a compelling reason to make the system more complicated. Most good editors will have their own good posts as well and they will bring them rep too. It's pretty easy to reach 2k.

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It is not "pretty easy to reach 2k" on the strength of edits alone, which the questioner explained pretty clearly. In fact, you could say the system is needlessly complicated now in making the number of hurdles editors have to jump through to contribute to the site much higher than what people who contribute differently have to. –  A.M. Jun 17 '13 at 14:40
@Mehrdad Afshari, It is not easy to reach 2k on low-traffic Stack Exchange sites. –  user2987828 Dec 12 '13 at 11:40

I think the rep limit is fine, but I do agree that in order to make edits without peer-review one should have been peer-reviewed at least once. Maybe the requirement should be 2000 rep + 3 approved edits.

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