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wordpress question

Spam? or not Spam? stackoverflow is a place google likes, so having a link here is attractive.

Edit to give typing instructions for URL to avoid the link?

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I edit, delete the website and add the following comment: Please don't ask questions like "How do I do what this website is doing:" It makes you look like a spammer that wants to drive traffic to your spammy website. If applicable, you can take a screenshot of the website (to demonstrate what you are asking for) instead of linking to it. – Won't Apr 11 '11 at 14:05

Lame questioning.

This is a terrible user, but looking at his other questions, a legit one. I don't think the link is spam.

It will also not improve their page rank because Stack Overflow's outgoing links are nofollowed.

Apart from burning the question with fire because it's off-topic, I don't think any action should be taken.

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