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I want to ask about online stores such as amazon, newegg,... and I don't know on which stackexchange website I should ask such questions.

I need to ask about buying a laptop and which website will be better and some other questions,...

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Shopping questions are off-topic on all Stack Exchange sites. The SE chat sites, however, were designed to allow a broader range of questions—you may want to visit the Super User chat which would be the most appropriate location.

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If you're asking about using the API of a store, you can ask Stack Overflow. Have a first go attempt at the ready in the question and not just a "how do I go do this what?"

If you want to ask about shopping, you can ask people at forums, chat, read spiked reviews or anywhere that isn't Stack Exchange. It's off topic.

If it's a well-crafted question which eventually would lead you toward bettering your skills in knowing how to shop, such as knowing what matrix type a monitor is, that would have a chance on Super User.

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