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Should old questions that are now better asked on a different site like Superuser be tagged for migration?


How do I get grub to boot Windows from a second hard drive

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From my answer of the 1st duplicate: I strongly oppose flagging for migration. 1. As this is about ancient questions, the chances are high that in the meantime the question (or a very similar one) has been asked again on the destination site. Then the ancient question will only be seen as noise and will be closed as a duplicate (which helps noone). 2. Migrating old (answered) questions clutters the front page of the destination site and takes away attention from new (unanswered) questions. – Hendrik Vogt Apr 12 '11 at 11:19
@hendrik your concerns are definitely valid, but sometimes the newer sites can benefit a lot from a transfusion of select questions from SO. – Jeff Atwood Apr 13 '11 at 0:24
@Jeff: Thanks for the feedback! I'm (naturally) only talking from the point of view of, and there I can say: Migrating new questions is (mostly) good (sometimes it's a real nuisance since questions get reposted on and migrated), but I think I haven't seen a migrated old question that really added value to – Hendrik Vogt Apr 13 '11 at 9:06
@hendrik I believe Konrad is flagging some of those so follow up with him. – Jeff Atwood Apr 13 '11 at 10:14
@Jeff: Ah, sorry, forgot to say that, and it's an important exception: If an active user on flags questions he contributed to, then I'm perfectly happy with this. – Hendrik Vogt Apr 13 '11 at 11:24
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Yes, definitely -- but only for strongly off-topic questions. If it's a least a little bit programmery, it can be left as is.

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@Jeff - Can we have a defined process for this? I know some of the beta sites, like PMSE, probably aren't ready to have a bunch of questions dumped onto our site. Considering we only get a few questions per day, could that clutter our home page? – jmort253 Apr 11 '11 at 5:53
@jmort per previous guidance, this only applies to sites that are NOT in beta. The OP was asking about migrating to Super User. – Jeff Atwood Apr 11 '11 at 5:54
@Jeff, he said "asked on a different site, like Superuser...", which implies he is including other sites as well. Thanks for reaffirming that questions should not be moved to beta sites so that other users don't stumble upon this and think otherwise :) – jmort253 Apr 11 '11 at 6:05
@jmort i'm not averse to occasionally migrating a question to a beta site if it is an INSANELY SUPER MEGA INCREDIBLY AWESOME fit to that site .. and it wouldn't tend to get a good answer on SO anyways. – Jeff Atwood Apr 11 '11 at 6:09
Now, wait, are you suggesting this for questions that already have accepted answers as well? – Won't Apr 11 '11 at 14:29
@Will: In that case I strongly oppose migration. See my comments to the question. – Hendrik Vogt Apr 12 '11 at 11:21

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