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Answers to old questions are often posted by new users that don't know yet how to use the site. Often these answers are badly formatted and need cleanup, but quickly drop from the front page and are forgotten. I feel like these posts could use some more eyes, since many pass by without anyone fixing them.

In the 10k tools there is a list of these posts and I think it would be a good idea to make this list available to more editors, like by lowering the reputation requirement to 5k.

Also "new post by new users" and "questions with newly created tags" might be candidates to make available at a lower rep threshold.

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What are 10k tools? Did I miss something? And how exactly do you get the "new answers to old questions" view? – 0xA3 May 31 '10 at 10:18
@divo: The "tools" link is in the top bar (where your rep is displayed), next to "log out" (only displayed on sites where you have >=10k reputation). There you get a few tabs with different kinds of information, the "new answers to old questions" link is on the "links" tab. – sth May 31 '10 at 12:15

I would appreciate making this tool available to more users. I was not even aware of its existence, but it seems to be very useful.

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New answers to old questions would also help "late but good" answers get the attention they deserve. In fact I was going to request just such a view. It seems odd to me that only 10k users would have access to find these (underappreciated) answers. I would think we'd want to help the wiki-gnomes to find parts that need more (positive) attention.

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