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Hi - This spawned as a result of my question,

Code formatting - tag/block rather than indentation - code block more obvious

There's a formatting help page (eg that says to create a code block, indent everything with 4 spaces.

It presents itself as the formatting guide but does not show shortcuts or mention the toolbar icon for code blocks - personally I never knew about those options until I was compelled to write a question on meta. My guess is there must be others who does the same thing.


Under 'Code and Preformatted Text' section of editing-help page, add the paragraph, "You can use the shortcut Ctrl+K or code block toolbar icon [image] with a block of text selected to indent it automatically".

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+10 really I keep seeing users formatting with `` instead of indents, I usually post a comment alerting them about it and then they go aha! – gideon Apr 14 '11 at 15:18

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