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When should a question be tagged ? Is it correct to use that tag for questions about tag requests, or should it be used only for requests of non implemented features?

My thought is that should be used for questions like "I don't understand how this works on SE; can you explain it to me?" Leaving out , the only obligatory tag that is left is .

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It should be used when you are suggesting a new feature.

Tag requests should use the tag along with either the or depending on whether you're certain about the retag or not (Thanks to Grace for pointing this out).

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I'll tack this on here, although it applies equally to George's answer as well: The required tag used with a retag-request is either [support] (if you're just asking for it to be done) or [discussion] (if you want to discuss whether it's a good idea). – Grace Note Apr 15 '11 at 14:12

It should only be used when you're making a feature-request.

Discussion about tag requests (retagging) should have the tag.

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