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Occasionally on SO, a question will be asked which isn’t necessarily clear. There is often some initial activity where questions are asked in comments which are answered, but after a while the question may become dormant.

For example the person asking the question has ignored the last few comments / questions raised about the question they asked. Is there a point at which the question should be considered dead/defunct/unanswerable? Is there any etiquette around how long to give the questioner? Does this change if it’s an individual’s first question (some people seem to log on, ask a question, get distracted and go somewhere else)?

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If they meet the criteria outlined in Auto-deleting old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year? then they're automatically removed.

If a question doesn't meet those criteria, then the activity probably warrants keeping it around. The original author isn't the only one who might add more details or clarify a question. Anyone who's had the same problem or a very similar problem can edit those details in.

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