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There should be an easy way to search ServerFault from StackOverflow (and the others)

The easiest thing would be to add a "Try searching ServerFault" link next to the "Alternately, try your search in Google:" on the no-results page, but this wouldn't help with overlapping searches..

For example, searching for [sql] error 1234 might have better results of ServerFault, but a programmer might only searching SO for such a problem (a reasonable thing to do)

Maybe there could be a SO/SF/SU/Meta buttons at the top of the search results, which jump you between sites? Something like...

Multi-site search mockup
(Full size mockup)

Since the user may not be logged into ServerFault, I guess it'd be best to display the results on the current site (with the different colour scheme maybe?), obviously all the links would go to the correct site ( in the example image)

A good example of such a feature is Google:

Googles other searches

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nice mockup, dbr! – Jeff Atwood Jun 30 '09 at 3:38
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implemented at (though it searches all sites in the network)

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Here, use this:

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That's not particularly obvious for "regular" or new users, and it misses some of the SO search features like (easily) finding specific [tag] and so on.. – dbr Jun 30 '09 at 2:28

Add the StackOverflow Custom Search (including all of SO, SF, and MSO) into your Firefox Search Box:

Search all of StackOverflow, ServerFault, and Meta simultaneously from Firefox

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Thanks, that's helpful. Too bad we can't get a search that outputs in SO format, instead of Google format. – Lance Roberts Aug 20 '09 at 17:48

I was just thinking that this would be a great feature, while I was looking for a topic that spans both SO and SF, while I accept that I could google to search over both sites, I think that such a feature would be useful because:

  1. First time users would be alerted that there is another sister site they can search on.
  2. It would allow dups on topics that could possibly be on either site
  3. Lazy people like me could just search in one place :)
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