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The description for the apex tag is that it is supposed to be used for the Oracle Application Express (APEX) product. It appears that roughly half of the questions using that tag, however, are related to the programming language Apex.

Before I realized how prevalent the problem was, I created an apex-code tag (the platform is called Apex Code) and retagged one question. My bias would be to go through the other apex-tagged questions and to do the same retagging operation but I wanted to check with the community before retagging a bunch of questions to make sure there was some consensus that this was the correct approach.

There is an oracle-apex tag that should be a synonym for apex as the tag descriptions stand now (there are insufficient votes to make them synonyms). So one alternative would be to create a force-apex tag rather than apex-code but I'm not sure that would help much unless we can prevent questions from being tagged apex because of the ambiguity.

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