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This is certainly not a new idea, and could be improved into a bigger pref pane, but here it is:

            Global Inbox     Site Summary    E-mail    RSS *
reputation  [ ]              [x]             [ ]       [x]
revisions   [ ]              [x]             [ ]       [x]
favorites   [ ]              [x]             [ ]       [x]
responses   [x]              [x]             [x]       [x]
flags       [ ]              [ ]             [ ]       [x]

copy those preferences to related accounts

* As I see it, RSS shouldn't be needed here - it should simply be all "marked" by default. The rest is marked according to the way I believe the notification system works today. And I'm pretty sure this example could be improved by someone with more experience.

Now, I'm not a fan of a big list of preferences too, but I do like Secrets and all the analogy it can represent here, if you use a Mac and know what I mean - OS X also avoids having too many tweaks and options, sometimes way too much. But there are lots of tweaks are hidden within the OS. Just sayin'... What Secrets do is bring way too many preferences together and an easy way to search what you need. On top of that, each pref doesn't need to exist in one place only. It should blend in where it's needed.

There is no "one Q&A to rule them all" and they're separated in many, many topics, but we do have "one preference to rule them all" for quite a long time now. Let us tweak! :P

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