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Interesting tags are great. However I would like to be able to specify languages for language agnostic tags.

I got the following interesting tags:

  • c#
  • multithreading
  • asp.net-mvc
  • .net
  • spark-view-engine
  • sockets
  • nosql
  • design-patterns
  • architecture

The problem is that I am not interested in all architecture/multithreading/other language agnostic tag questions, just those that are in my favorite languages.

It would be nice if I could define my own buttons ([architecture] AND ([.net] OR [c#] OR [vb.net]) instead of clicking on the interesting tag buttons.

A custom search wont do since it's sorted by relevance and not by timestamp.

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An interesting idea.

You can already do a similar thing if you save a URL of such search and add it as a bookmark. If your browser has bookmark toolbars you can even make it a button, then.

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+1 true. It would be nicer to have the links/buttons directly in SO though. – jgauffin Apr 21 '11 at 10:39

I believe this is not you want, but


can be specify as




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+1. that works. Now only if I could define own links/buttons in right column. – jgauffin Apr 21 '11 at 10:38

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