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I wrote a message in the IT security chat room that appeared at the top of live room, before the day's earlier messages: however the ordering of other messages leads me to believe that messages should appear chronologically.

Message appearing before others

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I think this is an active bug with the realtime chat UI, actually. I've heard reports of it quite a few times, though never personally experienced it. Your post is at the normal position in the actual transcript, and I believe everyone else will have seen it in the correct position. I'd say I'd go fetch @balpha, but it appears he's right here anyway. ♪ – Grace Note Apr 21 '11 at 12:52

Yeah, this is was a known issue that appears appeared in some cases when the message before went through some connection hickup.

Note though that if you look at the transcript, the message is in the right place, and if you refresh your chat window, it'll be correctly ordered as well; this is was purely a display issue (which, nonetheless, should be is now fixed).

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