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For instance, should we have a way to specify that the tag [javascript-performance] is a synonym for the conjunction of [javascript] and [performance]?

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+1 Good question. There is also android-widget, android-sqlite and many more android-tags with this "problem" – Jonas Apr 22 '11 at 22:53
This post may be related: How to choose good tags for a site – Jonas May 5 '11 at 7:28

I almost suggested that synonyms could be automatically created when they are hyphenated versions of two existing tags - but as soon as the 't' language gets going the t-sql badge would look like a synonym of t and sql. There will be many more examples, which suggests that synonyms need to be set up by people.

I think that synonyms seem like a good idea, there is an implication for badges - but I don't think its a bad one.

If someone specifies javascript and performance as the tags, would answer upvotes then also rack up credit against the javascript-performance tag badge? Or vice versa.

In Jonas's comment should the many android sub-tags allow someone to earn an android badge by combining the votes for android-widget and android-sqlite?

There was this question asked last year with good points that got no answers - perhaps this is a trickier implementation than it looks at first glance.

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