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There are two tags:

There's no wiki for either, yet.

Superficially, it is trivial to merge the two - I set off to do so. Then I found that there seems to be a product, library or feature called 'Topdown' (eg this question or this question) associated with OpenGL and 3D graphics, but the majority of the questions seem to be about 'top-down' vs 'bottom-up' approaches to design.

What should be done about this confusing situation?

  • Establish whether the Topdown associated with OpenGL is real or not (a quick Google search is not conclusive).
  • Create Wiki entries for both.
  • Designate the tag for general use related to 'top-down' vs 'bottom-up' vs 'inside-out' design issues.
  • Designate the for the OpenGL library if it exits.
  • Clean up the existing questions, retagging many of the ones in .

Did I miss anything?

Do you know about a 'Topdown' library?

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I'd prefer and for clarification, assuming, of course, the library exists.

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How about topdown-opengl & top-down-opengl as aliases?

The opengl extension in auto-complete should be a clue as to correct use of the tag on future posts (unless it gets purged in the low-usage cleanup)

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topdown-opengl makes sense; did you mean 'top-down-design' for the other? – Jonathan Leffler Apr 25 '11 at 3:47
Nope, I was thinking that if top-down and topdown are already in use, it makes sense to cater for both spellings as aliases. – Phil Lello Apr 25 '11 at 3:50

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