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A week or so ago I had provided an answer on SO to one of my own questions. Today I was tempted to do the same but thought I should see if there was any info on the subject. I created an account on MSO to find out the etiquette around this.

After I created the account and read some of the answers, I went and proceeded to answer my question. Upon submitting it stated that new users are not allowed to answer their own question within the first 8 hours.

Is this restiction cleared if you have 100% for "remove new user restrictions"?

Seems the new account on MSO is being applied to my response on SO.

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For answering your own question, the time-limit restriction is actually relaxed when you reach a reputation of 100, not 10. So it is just a different definition of "new user" between the warning message and the privilege. Nothing to do with your new meta account.

See: Minimum reputation for answering your own question should be higher than what is needed to ask

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You get that error message if you have less than 100 rep. You were able to answer your question last week because you answered ~20 hours after you asked; the creation of a meta account had nothing to do with it

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