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The flag weight summary shows me how many posts I flagged and how many were marked as valid. However, since old posts are neither valid nor invalid, how can I tell how many flags were valid? Can we add this?

enter image description here

Edit: So apparently no news is good news. Could we show "0 were marked as invalid"?

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Clearly none of yours were invalid. My summary says that "1 were marked invalid". – Kate Gregory Apr 29 '11 at 0:41
Definitely none. I get the same thing on Meta, where I have had no flags marked as invalid. – Cody Gray Apr 29 '11 at 0:49
Some invalid flags aren't being recorded in this summary, at least for me. I've had a few recent drops in my flag weight, but no "were marked as invalid" flags recorded, unlike what Kate's seeing. – Michael Petrotta Apr 29 '11 at 3:04
@Michael: That's probably a result of comment flags. They aren't included in the flagging history, but they do still affect your flag weight. – Cody Gray Apr 29 '11 at 7:23

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