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I've noticed that a certain very-high-rep user consistently tries to close my questions as "too localized". The most recent example of this is here, and the other example I remember is here (but the comments are no longer all there anymore). There have been more but these are the only two I remember right now.

Now there's something I don't understand:

What exactly is it about these that's "too localized"?

Or rather: Is there anything that's too localized about them in the first place? (i.e. was the reason appropriate? Why/why not?)

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possible duplicate of What questions should be closed with reason "too localized"? – user149432 May 1 '11 at 22:37
@Mark: Not really, it's not a dup -- I'm asking about a specific incident here, and the duplicates don't really answer my question because they ran counter to what I observed. – Mehrdad May 1 '11 at 22:38
@Popular Demand: I'd never noticed that tag until now, thanks for putting it! :) – Mehrdad May 1 '11 at 22:43
Have you somehow upset the 'certain very-high-rep user?' I can't see any validity for the flag on either question. It might be because you're in a relatively specialised problem domain, but SO is supposed to include specialised problems - indeed, these are the ones least likely to be answered elsewhere by google. – Phil Lello May 1 '11 at 23:01
@Phil: Hm... I guess the answer is "possibly"? On the one hand, there indeed was an incident a few months ago that upset both of us, but I don't see why it should be continuing until now... if anything, that incident itself was caused in a similar way (although for a completely different reason), so I don't think it explains what's happening. :( In case it is, though, where/how would be the best place/means of discussing it? Meta definitely isn't appropriate for it, so is there a better option? – Mehrdad May 1 '11 at 23:29
@Mehrdad maybe chat? – Earlz May 1 '11 at 23:34
@Earlz: Hm okay... haven't used the SO chat feature before but I guess now's the time to use it, haha. Thanks! – Mehrdad May 1 '11 at 23:35
I edited the title to make it less misleading. Maybe it will stop others from voting to close as duplicate. – alex May 2 '11 at 6:55
@alex: Ah ok good idea, thanks! – Mehrdad May 2 '11 at 7:11
When you say that "but the comments are no longer all there anymore", does that imply that there was some explanation given in the comments, as to why that particular user voted to close as "too localized"? – Cody Gray May 2 '11 at 7:19
@Cody: Kinda, not really. Well the thing is I'm not sure how to put it without also offending that person, so I'm being a bit vague on purpose... but since you asked, the comments were pretty much along the lines of "Windows was made to prevent stupid things from being done, if you really want this feature, go make your own OS, you might succeed; you don't need our advice, Linus never did". The user posted a copy of his quote down here too, but it was voted down and deleted so only 10K+ MSO users can probably see the post here. – Mehrdad May 2 '11 at 7:28
@Mehrdad, you're welcome. – Pops May 2 '11 at 14:19
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I think someone has a vendetta against you. I'm not seeing anything too localized about your two questions. Too Localized is commonly used as a secondary close reason for "plz post teh codez"(with Not a real question, being the primary). So some if your questions commonly come off that way, then the closer may be justified. But I personally see no problem with either of your questions.

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+1 Interesting observation, that's quite possible although I don't think it should be, if I'm remembering the correct situation... I'll try to figure out what's going on then. Thanks! – Mehrdad May 1 '11 at 23:31

Its "too localized" to someone who doesn't care about WinAPI at all.

However I think this demonstrates that the "Too Localized" close reason doesn't have use/real questions to apply it to.

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Too Localized is useful. For instance, gimme teh codez questions and questions like "What jobs are available in Rural Montana" or something. If it contributes nothing to the community as a whole(but instead benefits the author and maybe one or two other people), then it probably is too localized – Earlz May 2 '11 at 22:40

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