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On stackoverflow, I put +50 bounty on a question. Sure enough, a kind soul came and answered my question, so dutifully I clicked the check box for their answer and considered it done with. However, today I got a notification that my bounty was going to expire in 3 days - apparently you have to click the blue +50 icon to award bounty as well.

My suggestion: I had thought that accepting an answer awarded the bounty. I think that it would be better to make this actually the case, or at least surface a dialog box asking the user whether they also want to award the bounty for the question.

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Awarding the bounty through accepting used to be how the system worked, so we're not going back to that. However, I do think a case can be made to prompt the user to manually award the bounty if there is one active on the question (and the same user started it). – Jon Seigel May 2 '11 at 0:52

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