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I tried to search if this was asked before, but couldn't find anything...

By default, when I'm in a specific question page, I see answers sorted by votes. If there are two answers A and B which have the same votes, and I vote up/down one of them, it would be great to automatically move it up/down in the list.

Is it something that could be implemented?

I only see a problem in this:

That the votes of any of those answers changed during that time, but anyway, it could be sorted according to the new votes of each one... don't know.

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I don't really see the immediate advantage of this: once you reload the page, the answers will be ordered according to the correct order (even taking note of votes by other users since the last re-load).

It would even have a drawback, when I want to read all answers and vote for one after I read it: my position inside the page will be changed and I when I skip to the next answer it will be a "previous" one.

My vote: don't implement this.

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I agree with you. I didn't think about what would happen if I want to read all answers from top to bottom :) – Oscar Mederos May 6 '11 at 7:34

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