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Didn't we used to get notified when there was activity on a question or answer that we made a comment on? If so I am no longer getting notifications on such activity, and I have no way to track what I've made comments on other than to try and remember where I made them. some way to track your comments like your questions/answers would be nice.

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Yes, you will get notifications of activity that is directed at you, ie

  • answers on your questions
  • comments on your posts
  • comments replying to you via @DForck42.

You can see comments you have made in your activity page. You can separately view responses on your responses page.

For the entire network, notifications are shown to you in the inbox area (click StackExchange in the upper left of any page). A red number will appear to the left of that when you have a new notification. You can view your combined network inbox and combined network activity via your network profile.

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i... never noticed that before. thank you. – DForck42 May 9 '11 at 19:53

As far as I know, notifications are shown if

  1. You're the OP and someone makes a comment on your post

  2. You make a comment on a post and the OP replies and you two are the only people conversing

  3. You make a comment on a post and someone tags you with @username

Do notifications not work for you in these cases?

You can also view all responses to you by visiting the Responses tab in your user profile.

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Din't you get any notifications on following comments?

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i don't believe so, at least not hte first few. the rest are too old for me to really remember. – DForck42 May 9 '11 at 19:52

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