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After filtering by [pdf] in SO I got a featured questions count of 2, however only one question is actually shown.


I saw this other question in but I am not sure if it also applies for this case, and one of the links in the accepted answer is currently dead.

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Protip: Crop your images. – Won't May 9 '11 at 16:21
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I can see both questions right now. This is the second question with a bounty. It has the following tags:

As the counter on the right indicates that there are 2, that means it is returning 2 in your case. The reason you're only seeing one is because at least one of the 3 non-pdf tags on the question (the only tags not shared between the two questions) is on your Ignored Tags preferences, and you have ignored tags set to hidden.

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I see. Questions on my ignored tags list were usually shown faded, so I did not expected any question to dissapear. Thanks for the clarification. – yms May 9 '11 at 15:59

The other question must have tags your in your ignored list. Both questions show up for me until I add an ignored tag that exist on one of the questions.

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