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(Yes this question is strictly a duplicate, but the fact that it mentions the same problem in those duplicate posts and those are tagged 'resolved', obviously indicates that i am raising a fresh instance of the same problem, or documenting a problem believed to be resolved was in fact, not, or else this just isn't a duplicate at all.)

I am pretty sure that the reputation figure on my SO Career Profile has not changed since i created the Profile (on 3 May). At this moment, it reflects my actual SO reputation as it was on 3 May, since then my SO rep has increased by about 150, with no change in the figure shown on my SO Career Profile.

If the problem is not a cache-update issue, or something of that sort, here's the only other cause i can think of: at the moment my Profile shows: Your profile is 143 / 210 complete. Is this the culprit--i.e., that i have not 'completed' my Profile?

I suspect not because the two items--employer view and public view--show published and searchable, respectively. (Likewise, i hope this is not true because actually completing my Profile, 210/210, would require e.g, completing form questions like whether i'm willing to relocate, etc. which cause a job-seeking status to appear on my Profile (which is not what i want to indicate at present).

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Sorry about that doug and thanks for the report. There's no problem with the completeness of your profile or anything. Just a simple cache update issue like you originally thought. Your Stack Overflow and Super User reps have already been synced and the rest will update within the next hour or so.

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that edit from Stackoverflow into StackOverflow didn't quite do it. ;-) – Arjan May 10 '11 at 8:44
+1 Thanks very much indeed, Jason – doug May 10 '11 at 9:19
@doug: No problem, sir. – Jason Punyon May 10 '11 at 12:41

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