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The new look "Votes Cast" in user profile is very informative and a good idea from Stack Exchange team. But it seems to have a flaw of not displaying the vote downs correctly.

I have down voted ONLY twice and I am sure of that. I did run a query and found the following data: enter image description here

Where as, my profile shows 0 down votes: enter image description here

Now, to be sure, I checked the data of other users and found both vote down and vote ups messed up. One of my sample was Darin Dimitrov. It seems both his values are not correct.

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I'm seeing it fine, did you try a hard refresh? There were issues with this earlier but they should be resolved now. – Nick Craver May 11 '11 at 2:14
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Don't forget the data explorer data is approximately a month old.

If the posts you down-voted have been deleted since the last data dump then they won't appear on your profile, but will still be in the data dump.

If you notice your up-votes are now 244 but are reported as 221 in the data dump.

P.S. circles should be freehand.

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