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“Why are some posts removed” doesn't address deletion due to migration

I love the new addition to the deleted indicator on answers:

enter image description here

However, questions can be deleted because questions are migrated, however this isn't reflected in the FAQ anywhere.

I don't know if this really affects users, as I guess they will be re-directed to the new, migrated question these days, but is there any possibility they could see that note on a migrated question?

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To the mod who handles the dupe flag I submitted for this post: I realized after the fact that the question “Why are some posts removed” doesn't address deletion due to migration is much newer than this one. Merge/close in whatever direction you decide is best. – Kevin Vermeer Oct 3 '11 at 11:32

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I was about to post this as a feature request, but since you raised this issue already I'll propose it as a modification of yours.

When an answer is deleted due to a migration, the generic deletion message with a link to the FAQ should not be shown. Instead, a different sentence should be shown:

Your answer was migrated to <other site> along with the question.

There is no need to add yet another case to the deletion FAQ.

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