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Following this SO question, I am trying to invite a new user (rep < 20) to a chat room
(a bit in the spirit of my previous question about chat invitation).

I have created the Jenkins room and tried to grant access to SO user Mavig through the "Chat room access control" interface.
Neither his name nor its id or url are working though: it always triggers a
"Oops! Something Bad Happened!"

Is this because Mavig is a relatively new user (5 days) and "unregistered"?

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The lolcat came from a problem with the Stack Overflow API; this should be fixed now.

Users with less then 20 reputation cannot talk in chat unless a moderator gives them access (I've done that [temporarily] in this case). We're still looking at ways to allow high-rep users to create temporary passes, but that's not in yet.

Registered or unregistered doesn't matter though – it's purely reputation-based.

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Thank you for the temporary pass! The meta question you are referring to would be a step toward solving…, but a true "one-step" invitation system (for a low rep user, limited to one specific room) would be nice, in order to quickly switch to loads of comments to an interactive session. – VonC May 12 '11 at 13:14

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