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I noticed that, while typing out a question, the <!-- language --> specifier caused different rendering in the question preview than when I published the question.

Specifically, omitting the new line between the <!-- ... --> and the code caused the code to be rendered as though it wasn't indented (ie, the HTML was interpreted).

After I'd asked the question, the following rendered as "Bold":

<!-- language:html -->

while the following rendered as <b>Bold<b>:

<!-- language:html -->


However, both of them rendered as <b>Bold</b> in the preview below the new-question form, and it wasn't until I'd asked the question that I realized my HTML wasn't going to be escaped.

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Hmm... Pretty sure that's a dupe, but I can't find the original – balpha May 18 '11 at 15:50
@balpha Neither could I. I couldn't think of what else it might be tagged with, so I invented the language-specifier tag. Please retag if there is something more appropriate. – meagar May 18 '11 at 17:27

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This is now fixed, per:

Unbalanced blank lines after inline HTML comments might break formatting

The preview should also correctly reflect the final output.

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