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Recently I have noticed a lot of feedback requests from the Team on different interesting topics like these for example:

It's difficult to follow this kind of requests because they lack a common tag and the questions, if not marked as favorite, are quickly buried by the other "common" questions.
Because the number of team member is getting really fat, it will be harder to keep track of your important requests of feedback in the future.
The tag is mixing all the feedback flavors and it's not helpful to separate Your feedback questions from Our feedback questions*.

Is it possible to have a in red or something similar to help us to follow these kind of feedback requests?
I think it would be an interesting tag to follow here on meta and it will help us to quickly reach your feedback requests in one click.

I'm tagging this question with

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+1, though I think this would only really help if the tag had special Community User bumping behaviour to keep it more visible. – Jon Seigel May 19 '11 at 3:24
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Why not feedback and featured? As an added benefit, auto-expires after 30 days, so the feedback request will quieten down when it's in all likelihood obsolete.

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