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Not for any real purpose I was trying to see some really old posts in the tag, to see what was asked etc

So I changed the sort word from newest to oldest and it did nothing. Now I perfectly understand that the sort might not be that hackable/implemented (i'm just guessing that it may have worked)...but I wasn't expecting it to still display the newest questions...

edit Or as I've just discovered the last item you picked that was legit...

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It's not that "oldest" is somehow mapping to "newest", but rather than you've specified an invalid sort order, causing it to automatically show you the default sorting order. That just happens to be "newest".

You can test the theory by omitting the sort identifier altogether:

It's still sorted by "newest".

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You're right...except that it's the "last" tab you previously selected...clicking your link a few hours later for example took me to the "unanswered" tab... – davidsleeps May 19 '11 at 13:16

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