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Pi = 4? How to disprove?

I have noticed this before as well. When a question is marked duplicate and closed, the possible duplicate question appears at the beginning of the post but there is a math typesetting error when it inserts the duplicate link at the beginning of the post. (Theo Buehler and Artuto did the edit for it to appear properly but I undid it so that the bug can be seen)

The same problem occurs for this question as well

Another evidence of this bug

Is the sum of sin(n)/n convergent or divergent?

I reported this on the meta of math.stackexchange as well but no action was taken.

Math typesetting bug when a question is closed

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OK, on MathJax enabled sites we won't escape \ in titles moved to the post body if the title contains a $.

There are some other possible edge conditions but this fix should suffice for now.

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