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At the bottom of each Stack Exchange website there is a link called blog. In most (I had thought all) cases it points to a single blog location. I just noticed that Super User and Server Fault now seem to point to their own independent blogs.

How can I see what site has a separate blog, compared to a site that points back to the main blog.stackoverflow.com?

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Note that there is also a "blog link" at the top of the site now: i.stack.imgur.com/Y77Fa.png. Right now, this only appears to lower-rep users due to space constraints. – Robert Cartaino May 24 '11 at 18:19

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It's not very overt about it, but the simplest way is to simply hover over the blog link and see what the destination is.

If it says http://blog.stackoverflow.com, then it goes there. If it says something else, like how on Gaming it says http://gaming.blogoverflow.com/, then it goes somewhere else.

There is no current indication other than this, nor to my knowledge is there a listing of exactly which sites have such blogs or not.

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Listing of sites that have blog: Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange (official/network-wide), Server Fault (official), Super User & Gaming. – nobody May 23 '11 at 21:56

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