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Over at Super User account, I have Stack Exchange OpenID set as my primary OpenID. I can no longer login to chat using it - I get stuck at this screen

I can repro the same using Chrome, IE9 & Firefox - there's no popup showing up asking to relogin et al. The GlobalAuth login tests pass successfully too.

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This was an issue with the infrastructure that's responsible for the data exchange between all the different sites in the network.

Don't ask me for details, I have no idea at all how that thing works.

But either way, Kevin has fixed it. Some users who recently changed their data (in particular their OpenId, like in this case) may still have some issues for a short while, but it should be all good soon.

Both myself and Sathya can confirm it's working for us again.

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"Don't ask me for details, I have no idea at all how that thing works." -- the answer is, of course, that it works poorly. – Kevin Montrose May 23 '11 at 18:03
@KevinMontrose: I must usually be working, otherwise no-one would have noticed when it stopped :) – balpha May 23 '11 at 18:05

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