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I cannot start closing question as duplicate from mobile Safari (tested on both iPhone and iPad). When I choose close as exact duplicate and paste url of the question the dialog freezes. The text is blured - both url and former text is visible and question's preview doesn't load which causes that vote to close button is still disabled.

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+1. It sometimes works. Far as I can tell, one of the issues is with tabbing out of the text box - not something you can really do on that form on an iPhone. I've also seen it fail when someone already proposed a duplicate. The "Vote to close" button never became enabled. –  Anna Lear May 27 '11 at 20:03

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It does in fact work, so long as you register a "keypress" in the close input box.

That is, if you paste, that's not a keypress.

So enter a space at the end of the URL after pasting (this won't harm anything) and everything should work as you expect.

I was indeed able to close this question as a proof of concept on my iPhone.

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