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I noticed that I got 4 reputation for editing someones question. 2 after editing and 2 after someone approved the editing.

Is this a change that is made, or is it a bug ?

the following is shown in my overview:

 +4     1 hour ago  2 votes      Limiting the number of checkboxes selected by user
 +2     10:43   edit 
 +2     10:02   edit     

And a link to the question's revisions.

It "says" 2 "votes". Looks a bit strange.

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up vote 4 down vote accepted

You've made two separate edits. One that edited the body of the post, and another later one that added a tag. They are currently counted as two separate edits and you received reputation for both approvals. I've put in a request to make consecutive edits reward rep once.

Though it is odd that you received reputation for retagging when you have the rep for it already. There have been requests to correct that that haven't been acted upon yet. Though technically since you clicked on edit, it counted as an edit even if you did just a retag.

Not really bugs, just currently .

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